Vacuum Castings

Paragon's vacuum casting service offers you the opportunity to have production intent components for the development stage. Using an unrivalled range of rigid and elastomeric polyurethane resins we can replicate virtually any production material, including polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, nylon and rubbers.

Vacuum castings are produced from silicone rubber tools, which exactly replicate the geometry and surface detail of the SL master models. The typical expected yield from a silicone tool is for 20-25 castings, though this is dependant upon part complexity and material choice.

Vacuum castings can be used for fit and function testing, marketing and sales aids for new products or as a low volume production alternative.

New products added to the range include a glass filled material to simulate glass filled nylon and a UV stable crystal clear material that has superb optical properties for lens and light guide production. Also a new comprehensive range of clear rubber materials from 42 shoreA up to 90 shoreA is now available, allowing accurate colour matching of rubber components or elastomeric overmoulding, which has previously been limited by the base colours of the resins.

Our in house colour mixing facility provides the opportunity to pigment the materials to Pantone, RAL or BS references or individually mixed to match swatches and corporate colours. This also applies to the colouration or tinting of clear parts to varying depths of translucency. Subsequent castings will closely represent the colour, surface finish and mechanical properties of the intended production parts. Recent additions to our pigment range include pearlescent and "day-glow" colours, ideal for replicating, safety equipment etc.

Technical Information

    • 4 x MTT 001
      • 1 x MTT 004
        • 1 x MTT 004 extension chamber
          • Max chamber size 1,800 x 900 x 500mm
            • High Temperature resins
              • V0 rated flame retardant materials
                • FDA Approved food safe resins
                  • Optical clear materials
                    • 2-shot moulding
                      • Rubber and Rigid Polyurethane
                        • In house colour mixing to RAL, BS and Pantone references

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