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Technical Information

  • Hand Held Enclosures
  • Automotive Stop Lights
  • Overmoulded Insulators
  • Overmoulded hinges
  • Integral Seals
  • Baby Feeding products
  • Ruggedized cases
  • Medical Devices
  • Waterproof switches
  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Rubber over Carbon Fibre

Two Shot Moulding

Using the vacuum casting process we successfully simulate two shot injection moulding.

Excellent results have been achieved by moulding elastomer materials onto rigid plastic components for applications such as razor handles, rubber shrouds and robust electronic enclosures.

The process can also be used to produce split colour components such as automotive lenses, where both elements are cast in the same material but in different colours.

Components such as metal fixtures and fittings, threaded brass inserts, electrical contacts and metal substrates can all be encapsulated into the vacuum castings to give additional strength and functionality.

These over-moulding techniques can also be applied to our silicone moulding process allowing us to manufacture components with integral silicone seals or produce silicone components with embedded electronics or mechanical substrates.

More recently we have supplied silicone aero gaiters with encapsulated carbon fibre substrates to a number of F1 teams for both testing and race use.

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