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Technical Information

  • Sculpture
  • Architectural Modelmaking
  • Light Weight sales models
  • Cut-away models
  • Acrylic Fabrications
  • Fully Painted Display Models
  • Blue Foam Concept Models
  • Architectural Site Models
  • TV Props
  • Pattern Making
  • Fabrication

Traditional Modelmaking

Our versatility lies within our staff and their skill and experience. We regularly call upon their more traditional skills to combine with our state of the art technologies to produce complex, scaled, exhibition, display and architectural models. We have found that processes such as Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering can give very quick, accurate and cost effective solutions for producing some of the more complicated and organic geometries, but when brought together by our modelmakers with more traditional machining, fabricating and casting processes it allows a flexible solution for almost any kind of exhibition modelling.

We have created everything from transparent acrylic assemblies to complex cut-away turbine models, blue foam concepts, to fully painted scale replicas, architectural site models to TV props.

Models can be scaled up to demonstrate a very small component or alternatively scaled down to illustrate a very large product or architectural site.

Many of the models we produce are simply replicas of the original but at a fraction of the weight allowing for easier handling and transportation. Therefore it is important that we can create specific surface finishes such as cast steel or brushed aluminium to make the models look real or authentic.

Graphics can also be applied to represent screen or tampo printing, creating product branding control legends, etc.

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