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Technical Information

  • Somos 18920 Epoxy Tooling
  • Polyurethane Tooling
  • Pigmentable including day-glow colours
  • Silicone Foams
  • FDA Approved materials
  • Silicone Rubbers from 10 shoreA - 70 shoreA
  • CNC Machined Tooling

Silicone Moulding

Paragon is uniquely placed to offer a high quality prototype silicone service.

Using a combination of Stereolithography, CNC cut ureol, aluminium, epoxy and Polyurethane tools we can mould or vacuum cast silicone rubber components for prototype, pre production samples and low volume production.

We have invested in a dedicated department for the manufacture and on-going development of silicone components.

Keymats for mobile phones and remote controls, baby products, respirator masks, seals, gaskets, gland valves, gaiters and even prosthetics are just a few applications where this service proves invaluable.

We offer a range of silicones from 10 shoreA to 70 shoreA and pigmentation is also available. Keymats can be produced, incorporating carbon pills for use in electronic assemblies. Silicone parts can be produced in multiple shots to create colour breaks and in addition silicones can be overmoulded over polyurethane, composite or machined substrates for such products as hand grips, baby soothers, medical devices and motorsport components.

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