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Technical Information

  • 25-30 parts from Silicone vac-cast tools
  • 50-80 parts from silicone RIM tools
  • Metal or epoxy tooling inserts
  • 40 shoreA platinum based silicones

Silicone Tooling

Our silicone tooling technologies allow us to perfectly replicate master patterns in Polyurethane, creating multiple reproductions. We can carefully control the split lines in the tooling and accommodate complex geometries through the use of tooling cores and inserts. The high quality silicones used give excellent surface definition of any texture or polished finish.

This is a very quick and efficient tooling process offering yields of approximately 25 parts from a tool (depending upon part geometry and grade of resin used)

The operating temperatures of the tools are carefully controlled to maintain dimensional accuracy and the processing temperature negates any shrinkage of the PU castings, therefore all master patterns are produced at 1:1 scale.

Silicone Tools for vacuum casting can be produced up to 1750mm x 850mm x 450mm.

We also use silicone tooling for our RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) process. The tools are of similar construction, however they require the reinforcement from an integral plywood casing, in order to withstand the internal pressures of the moulding process and maintain dimensional stability.

This tooling is produced and processed at room temperature and therefore a shrinkage value must be applied to any master patterns. Silicone RIM tools typically have a yield of 50-80 parts.

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