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Technical Information

  • 2 x Metermix RIM system
  • Silicone Tooling
  • High Temperature resins
  • V0 rated flame retardant materials
  • High Impact Materials
  • Rubber and Rigid Polyurethane
  • Composite Tooling
  • Epoxy Tooling

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM)

For higher volume requirements of 50 up to several hundred, we offer RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) solutions. This process is the moulding of PU components through a low pressure injection system. One of the main benefits is that the tooling can be tailored to suit the project and we have a combination of solutions available which are determined by the complexity and the quantity of parts required.

We produce tools from reinforced silicone, grp, epoxy or machined from composite materials.

All of our tooling processes offer good surface finish and part accuracy and also allow the overmoulding of threaded inserts or support substrates etc.

Although the RIM process can often produce up to 1000 mouldings from a tool, we've found through experience that it's really only cost effective up to about 300 units, before considering injection mould tools, but this does vary across projects.

It's ideal for high value, niche products or for initial product launch to test the market before committing to full production tooling.

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