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Bringing the 3D advantage to the rail sector

Now that most of the new build rolling stock in Britain is acquired on basis of design-build-maintain, with the manufacturer under obligation to deliver a set level of reliability and availability of the fleet, it’s unsurprising that rolling stock manufacturers are exploring ways to cut maintenance costs and increase efficiencies in the supply chain. Paragon Rapid Technologies, through its AM Technologies brand, offers a possible set of solutions.

We are hiring.

Design Engineer

Competitive salary commensurate with experience

Paragon Rapid Technologies is a market leading innovation services company providing state-state-of-the-art prototyping and LVM solutions to OEMs, Tier 1 manufacturers, design and engineering teams, modelling and precision engineering firms. We work across a broad range of sectors, including automotive and transport, aerospace and defence, architecture, energy and exploration, medical, consumer products and entertainment.

Due to an extremely successful 2018 where we have seen significant growth in requirements from our engineering capability. We are now looking for a design engineer to join our team.

Accelerate production with Digital Light Synthesis

Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing in old money) is driving supply chain transformation. It's eliminating a need for new tooling. It's improving market responsiveness by cutting down on lead times. It's lowering handling costs. Are you doing it?

Agrifac prints nozzles for the "world's most innovative crop sprayer"

When Agrifac launched their new Milan model, hailed as the most innovative trailed crop protection sprayer in the world, they found they needed to make some adaptations in design to retain spray efficiencies. After some serious research, it appeared the best solution was to 3D print the nozzles. It transpired, however, that traditional 3D print products just weren't robust enough to withstand the rigours of field spraying. Digital Light Synthesis can deliver detailed geometries in some pretty durable resins and delivers on economies of scale. 

Outstanding models for the Energy, Oil and Gas sector

Highly intricate, accurate display models

Make an impact on your customers with superbly crafted, fully functional, geometrically precise replicas off your products and concepts.