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Outstanding models for the Energy, Oil and Gas sector

Highly intricate, accurate display models

Make an impact on your customers with superbly crafted, fully functional, geometrically precise replicas off your products and concepts.

An exclusive seminar with Carbon's Steve Wishau

You've seen the videos. You've seen the case studies. It's time to see it for real.

We're offering designers, product developers and project managers from product and industrial design agencies across the UK an exclusive opportunity to attend a seminar on 

"Designing with Digital Light Synthesis™, the future of 3D printing"

Lunch included. 21st February 2019, at the ADS Group's HQ in Salamanca Square, SE1 7SP

Paragon Creativity - for film, TV, stage, exhibitions and advertising.

Your imagination is everything. It is the preview of coming attractions.

Paragon's talented team of designers, engineers and model-makers have been turning your imagination into tangibles since 2003.