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When the going gets tough…

The tough get going. An extremely durable and high temperature resistant stereolithography (SLA) material developed specifically for the automotive sector that allows expansion into new prototype and end-use applications? That’ll be the Taurus.

…A hero comes along

When thinking about thermostability and durability, SLA is not usually high on the list of additive manufacturing options. The charcoal grey Taurus, with its reputation for robustness and a heat deflection temperature of 90?C, however, allows for creation of fully functional parts and prototypes, such as under bonnet components, dash parts, and air ducts that have stringent high heat requirements.

The material is given a superlative rating by Toyota Motorsport, who helped optimise Taurus for real world motor-sport applications, saying that they see the biggest advantages are in side wall quality, durability and high temperature resistance.

And it practises what it preaches. When the Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing Project had to develop an essential component of their Forze VIII hydrogen fuel cell, Taurus’ ability to hold complex geometries, heat resistance and impact resistance against track debris made it ideal for the job.

Get out of your dreams and into your car

Paragon Rapid Technologies is committed to helping you build production parts and prototypes and quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Taurus is loaded and ready to charge on our SLA5000.

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