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Thanks to the popularity of SLA (stereolithography), there is a constant stream of materials innovation, which in turn drives a river of technological evolution. The Neo800 SLA printer, for example, has been developed with an open materials platform. This enables us to print in a variety of resins, from ABS plastics to rigid, transparent polymers.

Transparent printed parts have a range of applications, from LED light housing to windows on a model railway coach; from anatomical representations to lenses.

However, there are drawbacks to printing in clear resins. There is usually a slight blue or yellow tinge to the resulting product and it may be more brittle than an opaque part. Whilst achieving translucency is relatively simple, achieving transparency normally results from the finishing process. And finishing can add to expense.

Make it clear

Somos® WaterShed XC11122 was developed to diminish the finish process. With ABS and SBT-like properties, Watershed offers opportunities for developing highly detailed parts requiring outstanding levels of optical clarity, water resistance, and durability.

WaterShed has taken centre stage in the medical arena, having been used to develop highly accurate printed models of ailing organs. Quite literally, putting clear, precise replicas of organs in physicians’ hands has enabled them to improve preparation for surgery and to site incisions with unparalleled accuracy. The efficacy and safety of procedures has improved enormously.

At the other end of the spectrum, Watershed’s water resistance and durability have attracted the attentions of marine manufacturers. The resin has been invaluable in assisting engineers in assessing fuel flow through different parts of submerged engine systems and has been praised for enabling thin walls to be printed without compromising robustness.  

What do you want to make today?

The print possibilities of WaterShed XC11122 are limitless. Talk to us about SLA and your interest in Watershed. We'd like to help you get your pre-production parts, prototypes and models built faster and more efficiently. 

Download the WaterShed XC11122 Tech Specs Here 


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