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We are once again ramping up our 3D print capacity with the addition of another new NEO 800 machine!

The second NEO 800 is the latest addition to our recently refurbished SLA suite at Paragon’s head office, which now houses 6 Stereolithography machines, reflecting our growing investment in becoming 3D print specialists. This underpins our commitment to delivering superior 3D printed parts for our customers, who (rightly so!) expect the very best from their models.

Both NEO 800 machines are running WaterShed® 11122, resin of choice to achieve clear, durable and water-resistant ABS-like parts with high dimensional stability.

Offering one of the UK’s largest SLA build platforms at 800mm x 800mm x 600mm, the NEO 800 also produces parts faster and at a higher resolution than most other machines on the market, for unrivalled aesthetics and reduced finishing times.

For a tour of Paragon’s SLA facility, or if you have a 3D Print project we can support, email info@paragon-rt.com or call +44(0)1325 333 141.

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