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Project Brief

Cube3 approached Paragon to manufacture a 1:20 cut away display model of a 3D building design, to be used as an architectural display model for their client’s exhibition stand.


The client’s customer, Sonobex, challenged them to come up with a new design that would theoretically attenuate low frequency output more efficiently than previous solutions. After 3D modelling a substation and generating a design concept for the outer wall, the enclosure was then cut away to reveal the 3D construction within.

Although developments in Computer Aided Design allows us to explore a 3 dimensional world on screen through photographic quality renderings, sometimes there’s nothing that compares to a physical model.

To bring the design concept to life, Cube3 asked Paragon to produce the scale model of the structure using our in house rapid prototyping services.


The model was 3D printed through a combination of our Stereolithography (SLA) and Laser Sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing processes, before being hand finished by our experienced, time-served model making team and lacquered to create a simplistic visual for the end customer’s exhibition display.

Testimonial from Cube3:

“Once again Paragon delivered a quality display model on time and at a good price. This was a time pressure job, as the display model was being used as part of an exhibition display for our client. Well done on completing this in the short timescales requested!”

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