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Moulding Modifications

At Paragon, we provide what is almost seen as an emergency service to some OEM and Tier 1 suppliers to support them with moulding modifications and post-operations.

When product requirements change or if a short-term bridge to production is required, producing a new mould or committing to a full product redesign is not always commercially viable. In such cases, we can rework or modify an existing part to meet a revised specification to act as a buffer while production tools are adjusted. Saving you internal process time and costs, as well as expensive penalties imposed by the end customer as a result of production delays, our moulding modification service allows you to refine your product more efficiently.

Moulding modification is often a very reactive service, where procedures have to be implemented quickly to meet very tight timescales. With our experienced team and state of the art facilities, we deliver projects of varying degrees of complexity, taking a flexible approach to achieve fast turnarounds.

Our services cover both functional and visual modifications, including:

  • Re-machining of component features and apertures
  • Hand-trimming and de-burring
  • Fitting of inserts and fixings
  • Application of paint or coatings
  • Post-op assembly work

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