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Technical Information

  • Painted to match RAL, BS and Pantone
  • references and corporate colours
  • Clear Coat Lacquers
  • Vacuum Metalising
  • Multiple Colour graphics from 2D Artwork
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Satin Smooth
  • Highly polished Gloss Finishes
  • Chrome Plating
  • RFi Coating
  • Translucent Tints
  • Spark and Grain Textures

Model Finishing

With our team of fully qualified model makers, We offer a comprehensive finishing, painting and texturing service. Attention to detail at an early stage ensures high quality levels are achieved every time. To ensure technical compliance project ownership is a must.

We can supply models with any surface finish from basic to smooth to different grades of sparks and all the way to glossed and highly polished for any project requirement. A range of etched surface finishes can also be applied to simulate leather, wood grain or some of the more contemporary, geometric patterns found in the latest automotive interiors. Our fully finished Stereolithography Models are typically used as master patterns for silicone tooling and vacuum casting, but are equally suitable as a one off model for marketing or exhibition purposes. The models can be painted with intended production colours and textures and we can even produce text and graphic details from 2D artwork which can be applied to the finished prototypes.

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