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Although Computer Aided Design allows us to explore a 3 dimensional world on our desk top and produce renderings to photographic quality to help with visualisation, sometimes there’s nothing that compares to a physical model!

It may be due to some people’s inability to fully visualise a product in a physical form or it may be just the “big kid inside”, but there is still a continued demand for full size or scaled exhibition models.

These models are often used for design evaluation or to show-case a concept as is typical in the automotive industry with all of the major manufacturers displaying new radical designs to capture our imagination. Models sometimes have more of a functional purpose to explain the intricacies of a product or process through cut away displays or sometimes the product to be promoted is simply too large or heavy to transport and display as we regularly see with off shore and subsea developments.

At Paragon we work directly with our clients to gain an understanding of both their product and their anticipated gains from an exhibition model. We are then usually able to offer a range of solutions, often to meet different budget bands and tailor the model to suit.

We rely upon the extensive skills and experience of our Model Making team and their individual specialist disciplines, combined with our Rapid Prototyping processes to produce highly accurate and intricate display models to the highest standards.

Models which we’ve manufactured have been displayed all around the world, at some of the largest exhibitions such as the Geneva Motorshow, PowerGen, SPE Offshore, Medtech, Offshore Technology in Texas, Underwater Technology in Bergen, Farnborough Airshow and Defence and Security Events.

Technical Information

  • Scaled, Full size or Oversized models
  • Cutaway displays
  • Lighting and Illumination
  • Motorised models
  • Concepts
  • Lightweight product replicas
  • Show car components
  • Cut-away Turbines
  • Scaled Engines
  • Test Rigs
  • Pipeline Models
  • Scaled Vehicles and Vessels
  • Display & Transportation Cases

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