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Energy and Exploration

The Energy Sector is one the largest global industries, covering everything from upstream exploration of oil and gas to downstream petrochemical processing and the greener solutions of renewable energy sources. The multi-billion dollar companies in this sector make massive investments in research and development to identify new ways of harvesting energy through wind, solar and tidal sources as well as optimising their products for the existing production of oil and gas.

Many of these new concepts are presented at conferences and exhibitions as scale models and at Paragon we've been able to work directly with the designers to create models which give them an accurate representation of their final design.

We are regularly called upon to produce either scaled or full size cut away models of complex assemblies such as engines, turbines, valves and pumps. These models are completely tailored to meet the client's requirements and enable them to explain their product during the sales process.

Most of the subsea products are manufactured from very heavy materials and these components can be difficult and expensive to transport and handle to and from exhibitions around the world, but by utilising our additive manufacturing or casting processes we can re-create exact replicas in light weight resins and plastics with full finishes applied by our Model Making team to create cast stainless steel or aluminium effects. These easily transportable models have become invaluable selling tools for many of the leading valve and component manufacturers.

Paragon's Vacuum Casting and RIM processes are ideally suited to many of the Low Volume production requirements seen within this sector and we have identified several Polyurethane and silicone materials which are suitable for underwater applications such as cable connectors, ROV components and subsea monitoring equipment, where our clients have carried out extensive testing and service trials with only positive results.

Technical Information

  • Engine Models
  • Turbine cut-away models
  • Training aids
  • Pipeline Risers
  • Inspection Pigs
  • Ruggedized Enclosures
  • Subsea Surveying equipment
  • Low Volume production components for ROVs and submersibles

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