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Branding and POS

Branding is the "personality" that defines a product or company and how it relates to consumer's associated expectations of quality or service. The most successful companies have developed incredibly strong brand identity within the market place, to a level where consumers are making their purchasing decision on the brand name before the product, it's function or cost.

Branding of the individual product and the associated Point of Sale and marketing materials has become an ever more prominent factor in product development, with focus on corporate identity and developing brand recognition.

At Paragon we understand the critical importance of maintaining the accuracy of key branding features such as corporate colour and graphics as well as the expected quality of the execution and this applies to branding of exhibition and display models as well as consumer and commercial products.

We regularly produce 1:1 and large scale prototypes and marketing models of consumer products, displaying full corporate insignia, but we can also offer solutions for 3 dimensional Point of Sale, units, racks, mounts and plinths etc.

Technical Information

  • Colours matched to RAL, BS and Pantone references
  • High Temperature resins (200°c)
  • Touch paint options
  • V0 rated flame retardant grades
  • Overmoulding
  • High impact resins
  • Texturing
  • FDA approved food grades
  • Graphic application
  • Vacuum Metalizing

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