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As Architects continue to explore the boundaries of design and construction materials and processes we see more elaborate, organic structures appearing around us, such as the Sage in Gateshead, the Gherkin in London and the Burj al Arab in Dubai. Consequently this challenges Model Makers to produce accurate representations of these very fluid forms.

Our team of highly skilled Model Makers have vast experience in producing traditional architectural models and by combining these traditional skills with our in-house additive manufacturing technologies we are able to produce concepts and site models to your exacting requirements regardless of the complexity of the form.

Whether it’s a simple block model or finely detailed structure in single colour or fully painted and detailed, we can tailor our solution for you.

Consideration must be given to scaling factors as manufacturing through sheet fabrication or additive processes will require a concession for structure thickness. Typically we work to the standard industry scaling ratios but we can accommodate non-standard scales too.

We can supply complete site models including contoured base boards or just elements of a model to support your own capabilities.

Details such as lighting through LEDs or optical fibres can also be added.

Models can be supplied with acrylic cases, raised plinths and bespoke flight cases to suit your requirements.

Technical Information

  • Block Models
  • Illumination
  • Fully Detailed Models
  • Scales from 1:50 - 1:1000 or more!
  • Site Models
  • Protective Cases
  • Concepts
  • Display Plinths
  • Topography models
  • Flight Cases for Transportation

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